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Activa Club Supre

Activa Club Supre offers stylish seating reminiscent of the jazz age.

Designed to suit arthouse, VIP and elegant general admission cinemas, Activa Club Supre offers a full-width seat base and reclining back, three-point deco upholstery styling and Camatic Seating’s signature padded club armrests.

For an extra touch of class, the range of options includes side tables, wine bottle holders and upholstered outer backs. 

Activa Fixed Ultra

Activa Fixed Ultra is a stylish seat that invites patrons to relax and enjoy their entertainment experience.

This classic armchair features a reclining back, full-width seat, rich upholstery and padded armrests with an ergonomically located 44oz cup holder. The seat’s headrest and deep cushioning is highlighted by precision stitching.

The comfortable proportions and smooth detailing of Activa Fixed Ultra makes a lasting impression. 

Activa Tilt Luxe

Activa Tilt Luxe is a plush and luxurious design that offers a superior degree of comfort and refinement.

The seat features multi-panel upholstery detail that accentuates ergonomic contouring and provides exceptional levels of comfort in reclining and fixed backrest versions.

Designed as a low maintenance, luxurious seating solution, Activa Tilt Luxe is the popular choice among discerning cinema operators.  

Activa Tilt Prima

Activa Tilt Prima offers excellent value with streamlined upholstery and all the benefits of the Activa range.

Prima is the simplest of the three Activa upholstery options, with sleek lines and minimal stitch detail.

Audiences in venues around the world enjoy the extreme comfort of Activa Tilt Prima and venue operators likewise enjoy the easy care and low maintenance of this quality seat. 

Alpha Bare

Alpha is a direct mounted tilt seat stadium chair that provides spectators with long-lasting ergonomic support and comfort. The bare plastic seating surfaces are textured to ensure patrons obtain full benefit from the ergonomically contoured surfaces.

Alpha Duo

Alpha Duo offers a venue the ability to customize individual seats to a multiple colour scheme, including residence team or clubs colours. These colour schemes can be used throughout the entire venue or in particular sections or bays to assist with crowd separation / ticketing.

While the body of the chair is one colour the inner seating surfaces can me moulded to a different second colour.

Whilst the chairs are initially delivered to site fully assembled in the desired colour scheme, changing out of the second colour (inners) can be performed on site cheaply and easily at a later stage, if the venue or club requires.

Alpha Duo can also be provided in single or two tone colours with an embossed logo to the front face of the back inner.

Alpha VIP

Alpha VIP adds the comfort of seat only or seat and backrest padding combined with shared or individual double armrests. Closed cell neoprene foams with marine grade vinyl can withstand the severest of outdoor conditions. Although Alpha VIP can achieve seat centres as low as 19” (480mm), it is most suited for installation from 20” (510mm) to 22” (550mm).

Clarity Club

Clarity Club is unequalled in providing long-term seating comfort, modern design and superior quality. It features Camatic Seating’s signature ergonomic design, fully enclosed box-style armrests and a silent gravity tilt seat. A range of back options and finishes are available to suit the look of any venue.

Clarity Concerto

Clarity Concerto is a classic choice for any performing arts venue. Timber veneer outers can be made to match to other timbers used in the building. These timbers not only add warmth to a venue, their reflective properties can assist in achieving the best acoustic level for performing arts. Clarity’s silent gravity tilt seat ensures unwanted sounds are never heard during or after a performance.

Clarity Scholar

When a writing surface is required without a significant loss of seating numbers, Clarity Scholar is at the head of the class. The addition of the tablet only marginally increases the overall dimensions of the seat so it can be used on the tightest of row spacing and seat centres. The tablet mechanisms are robust and safe with laminated writing surfaces that are virtually indestructible.

Clarity Tilt

Clarity Tilt is a versatile and supremely comfortable modern seat that provides venue owners with a range of options when space is at a premium. This compact seat’s ergonomic design is also conducive to sitting for long periods.

While patrons enjoy the lumbar support and well positioned armrests of Clarity Tilt, venue operators appreciate that it can be tailored for the most sophisticated of venues.


This fixed back chair with gravity tilting seat has an ergonomic relationship that provides the perfect balance between form and function. Evoke is a fully upholstered luxurious chair that provides patrons with exceptional comfort, while functional operation of the writing tablet system exceeds all ergonomic criteria. A sophisticated fully enclosed mechanism returns the writing tablet automatically to its home position when the user stands (Anti-panic).

Evoke Compact

Evoke Compact is used when row spacing is tight or improved egress is required.

A gas-spring mechanism reclines the back to its optimal position when the seat is deployed and returns the chair to a compact size when it is unoccupied. When occupied the chair has the identical proportions and ergonomic contouring of the standard Evoke chair.

Evoke JOT

Evoke JOT is a simplified version of the Fully Enclosed Evoke Writing Tablet system. Whilst the structural integrity and mechanical function are identical to Evoke, the JOT Tablet has an open cantilevered arm beam with solid vandal proof arm pad surface. JOT is an alternative that can be used with both Evoke and Evoke Compact.

Evoke JOT is also shown here with the Free Standing/Removable System.

Forte (Standard/Slimline)

Forte provides the sports enthusiast with hours of long-term comfort. The ergonomic contours of the moulded seat and backrest cushions enhance the contemporary styling of this chair.

Lift-up arms are standard on all chairs, while cup-holders can be fitted to the armrest or rear of the chair in front (back mounted).

Forte Slimline’s thinner backrest cushion, provides patrons with increased legroom when back to backspacing is limited.

Forte Compact

Forte Compact provides patrons nearest to the action with exceptional comfort whilst in use, and offers the ability to fold down to (150mm) 6” envelope for retractable flooring systems. The contouring of this slimline chair offers equivalent comfort to that of a standard Forte chair, meaning spectators in the premium areas are also in the best seats not just the best location. Forte Compact can be used to improve access/egress along rows, while its similar styling enables it to be used alongside Forte.