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Selective Pallet Racking

Easy beam adjustment accommodates variable pallet heights

Each pallet can be located and moved individually (100% Accessibility)

Compatible with most handling equipment

Frames are constructed from roll-formed steel, providing strength and rigidity

Particleboard and mesh decks are available to create shelf levels in the rack

Offers first in, first out inventory management (FIFO)

Ensures good stock rotation

Accessories available to accommodate unit load type

R&D Behind Selective Racking

The unit offers reduced twisting and excellent resistance to frontal impact damage via roll formed double crimped box beams. The beams are securely locked into place through work hardened spring steel beam clips that locate directly into the column, preventing accidental dislodgement. The oval shape radius is a unique design. Located within the beam connectors, the radius ensures even weight distribution through the increased surface area, giving the unit a longer lifespan.

All uprights have been designed with an exaggerated flange to give the system extra strength and ensure they will withstand the beam loading. The system has been designed with specific horizontal and diagonal bracing to transfer the load into the ground.

The uprights are designed as one piece, without a splice to ensure the units strength.